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Last update: 2021-04-19 03:14:22 UTC


Component-driven prototyping tool using Pattern Lab v2 automated via Gulp/NPM. Also serves as a starterkit Drupal 8 theme.


  1. PHP 7.1
  2. Node (we recommend NVM)
  3. Gulp
  4. Composer
  5. Optional: Yarn

Prototyping (separate from Drupal, Wordpress, etc.)

abd supports both NPM and YARN.

Install with NPM: composer create-project notgoddess/abd --stability dev --no-interaction abd && cd abd && npm install

Install with Yarn: composer create-project notgoddess/abd --stability dev --no-interaction abd && cd abd && yarn install

Drupal installation

In a Composer-based Drupal install (recommended)

  1. Require abd in your project composer require notgoddess/abd
  2. Move into the original abd theme cd web/themes/contrib/abd/
  3. Create your new theme by cloning abd php abd.php "THEME NAME" (Run php abd.php -h for other available options)
  4. Move into your theme directory cd web/themes/custom/THEME_NAME/
  5. Install the theme dependencies npm install or yarn install
  6. Enable your theme and its dependencies drush then THEME_NAME -y && drush en components unified_twig_ext -y

Windows glitches

A minor patch to emulsify-gulp has been added to allow pa11y testing to work in a Windows environment.

After installing you may need to update the pattern-lab styleguideKitPath variable. Edit the file pattern-lab/config/config.yml and make styleguideKitPath: relative to the theme directory, e.g. styleguideKitPath: 'vendor/pattern-lab/styleguidekit-twig-default'

Note: Once you've created your custom theme, you can remove abd as a dependency of your project. If you'd like to get updates as we push them, solely for educational/best-practice information, feel free to leave it in and receive the updates. Updating abd will not affect your custom theme in any way.

Starting Pattern Lab and watch task

The start command spins up a local server, compiles everything (runs all required gulp tasks), and watches for changes.

  1. npm start or yarn start

Highlighted Features

Lightweightabd is focused on being as lightweight as possible.
SVG sprite support Automated support for creating SVG sprites mixins/classes.
Stock Drupal templates Templates from Stable theme - see /templates directory
Stock Components with Drupal support built-in (https://github.com/notgoddess/abd#abds-built-in-components-with-drupal-support)
Performance Testing Support for testing via Google PageSpeed Insights and WebPageTest.org (https://github.com/notgoddess/abd/wiki/Gulp-Config#performance-testing)
Automated Github Deployment Deploy your Pattern Lab instance as a Github page (https://github.com/notgoddess/abd/wiki/Gulp-Config#deployment)

abd's Built in Components with Drupal support

Forms, tables, video, accordion, cards, breadcrumbs, tabs, pager, status messages, grid

View a demo of these default abd components.


This theme is based off the Four Kitchens Emulsify theme. Documentation is currently provided in their Wiki.