TYPO3 LDAP extension

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3.5.1 2023-05-14 14:04 UTC


This extension allows TYPO3 to connect to LDAP directories and to fetch user records from them. Features include:

  • Handling of multiple LDAP servers
  • Storage of LDAP server configurations in the TYPO3 database or a configuration file
  • Import/Update/Delete of frontend (FE) and backend (BE) users
  • Import of user groups
  • Flexible mapping of LDAP attributes to TYPO3 user properties
  • Authentication of FE and BE users against the directory
  • Usage of the TYPO3 scheduler to import/update/delete TYPO3 users


Version 3.x is not compatible with LDAP server records created with eu_ldap 2.x, instead you have to redefine your server records in the configuration file.

Version 3.1 supports TYPO3 6.x. Version 3.2 supports TYPO3 7.6 and 8 LTS. Version 3.3 supports TYPO3 9 LTS. Version 3.4 supports TYPO3 10 LTS.