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1.7.10 2024-03-11 08:42 UTC



composer require norman-huth/nova-menu

This package add following features to the Laravel Nova menu:

  • Heroicon, Font Awesome, SVG & Image Icon for MenuSection, MenuGroup & MenuItem
  • Add new item MenuCard
  • Add new item MenuDisclosure (a collapsable group element for user menu)
  • Add new method iframe to create an iframe popup
  • Add tooltip() method to MenuSection, MenuGroup, MenuItem & MenuCard (undocumented)
  • Add optional menu filter to search menu elements

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Deprecated Features

  • This package brings back the policy authorization for MenuItem Include since Nova 4.2.5
  • Also, the well-known canSee method is added to MenuItem and MenuSection Include since Nova 4.2.5
  • Empty menu sections are automatically hidden Include since Nova 4.6.0

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