A Laravel Nova field.

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Last update: 2024-07-06 19:42:59 UTC


Nova Font Awesome Field

A Font Awesome icon picker for Laravel Nova.


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composer require norman-huth/nova-font-awesome-field


Add the field.

     * Get the fields displayed by the resource.
     * @param NovaRequest $request
     * @return array
    public function fields(NovaRequest $request): array
        return [
            \NormanHuth\FontAwesomeField\FontAwesome::make(__('Icon'), 'icon'),

Optional: Publish Config

In the config file you can specify the available Font Awesome styles and set default parameters for the field.

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="NormanHuth\FontAwesomeField\FieldServiceProvider" --tag="config"

„Remove Icon“ Option

If the field is nullable, the function to remove the icon is also available.


Style Selector

To bypass the config settings use these methods.

Show Style Selector


Hide Style Selector



This package uses the global translations, so you don't have to maintain them multiple times.

Default Texts

$this->texts = [
    'header'   => __('Edit Icon'),
    'cancel'   => __('Cancel'),
    'update'   => __('Update'),
    'search'   => __('Search'),
    'remove'   => __('Remove Icon'),
    'styles'   => __('Styles'),
    'more'     => __('Load more'),
    'null'     => __('No Icons Found'),
Change A Text
use NormanHuth\FontAwesomeField\FontAwesome;

FontAwesome::make('icon')->setText('header', __('Edit Icon'))
FontAwesome::make('icon')->setText('cancel', __('Cancel'))
FontAwesome::make('icon')->setText('update', __('Update'))
FontAwesome::make('icon')->setText('search', __('Search'))
FontAwesome::make('icon')->setText('remove', __('Remove Icon'))
FontAwesome::make('icon')->setText('Styles', __('Styles'))
FontAwesome::make('icon')->setText('more', __('Load more'))
FontAwesome::make('icon')->setText('null', __('No Icons Found'))

Icon Set

Default icons in this package: Font Awesome Free 6.4.0.

Use Other Version Or Font Awesome Pro

  • Download the wanted Font Awesome package from the Font Awesome Website
  • Copy the metadata/icons.json file to Your Laravel installation
  • Change the icon-file path to Your icons.json in Your config/nova-font-awesome-field.php config file
  • Optional, but recommended: Remove unnecessary elements from the icons.json with php artisan nova-fa-field:shrink-icon-file command