A librairy to use easiely the openssl encryption/decryption

1.0.0 2020-10-31 14:34 UTC

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This librairy allow to basically encrypt and decrypt content easiely. It is good for studying but do not use it in system which research a high level of security. Actually, this librairy cannot use GCM tag and do not support many options.


Use composer, in simple command line: composer require nolikein/simple-cryptor ^1.0.0

Use composer with Docker: docker run --rm --interactive --tty -v $PWD:/app composer require nolikein/simple-cryptor ^1.0.0

Using it !

$message = 'Hello world!';
$key = openssl_random_pseudo_bytes(32);
$encrypter = new SimpleCryptor();

$encryptedmessage = $encrypter->encrypt($message, $key);
$decryptedMessage = $encrypter->decrypt($encryptedmessage, $key);

Choose a cipher (encrypt/decrypt method) and a hash method

The key is hashed by the hash method before encrypting/decrypting. These data are selected in the constructor :

$encrypter = new SimpleCryptor('aes-256-cfb', 'sha512');

By default, there is values to simplify the use of the librairy.


The project is under lincence MIT.