Create files programmatically (like php)

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FileMaker and PhpFileMaker

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A project about to make php files from an abstract file maker by using the powerfull of poo.


Read the installation chapter of the documentation.


Read the documentation for that.


For the moment, the project does not implements a CI because i usually use gitlab CI and not github CI. The time to convert the current gitlab-ci, the project will be checked by my own. The latest PHPUnit check and Gitlab personnal runner check was successfull.

The tests use Docker and its magical side for virtual process (called containers) from customisable images.

  • Build the Dockerfile: docker-compose build

  • Run the php container in background: docker-compose up -d

  • Example command you could use in the php container:

    • docker-compose exec php composer install
    • docker-compose exec php ./vendor/bin/phpunit


The current librairy is under the MIT License.


That librairy does not supports everything you'll need, that's why you could propose ideas. For that, it's simple: open a new issue for each different implementation. Just remember that i made this librairy on my free time :).