CakePHP TALTAL – PHPTAL View plugin. This plugin provides PHPTAL View Class

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PHP 5.3+, CakePHP 2.1+

This plugin provides PHPTAL View Class

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Plugin Installation

git submodule add -f plugins/Taltal

and get PHPTAL library.

cd plugins/Taltal
git submodule update --init


in app/Config/bootstrap.php




in AppController

class AppController extends Controller {
    // ...(snip)
    public $viewClass = 'Taltal.Phptal';
    // ...(snip)

set vars in controller action.

class PostsController extends AppController {
    function index() {
        $people = array(
            array('name' => 'foo', 'phone' => '01-344-121-021'),
            array('name' => 'bar', 'phone' => '05-999-165-541'),
            array('name' => 'baz', 'phone' => '01-389-321-024'),
            array('name' => 'quz', 'phone' => '05-321-378-654'),

and create view file, extension is .html or .xhtml or .zpt

eg. app/View/Posts/index.html

        <tr tal:repeat="person people">
            <td tal:content="person/name">person's name</td>
            <td tal:content="person/phone">person's phone</td>
        <tr tal:replace="">
            <td>sample name</td>
            <td>sample phone</td>
        <tr tal:replace="">
            <td>sample name</td>
            <td>sample phone</td>

LICENSE GNU Lesser General Public License


Support for CakePHP2.0. Thanks!: Juracy Filho
PHPTAL :: Template Attribute Language for PHP 5
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