Virtual filesystems (like physfs) - with autoloading! 2014-07-30 18:03 UTC

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VirtFs is to PHP what PhysFs is to C. It allows you to create a virtual filesystem root, to then attach directories and archives to it, optionally mounted in their own virtual path in the vfs. In addition to this, VirtFs also registers a StreamWrapper to give you access to the VFS via a stream prefix, such as "userdata://..".

$vfs = new VirtFs("dirs");
$vfs->add(new DirectoryMounter("./dir_a", "a"));
$vfs->add(new DirectoryMounter("./dir_b", "b"));

What we have now is:

      /      The filesystem root
      |--a   The contents of ./dir_a
      '--b   The contents of ./dir_b

In the above example, these would be valid:

dirs://a/hello.txt      -  ./dir_a/hello.txt
dirs://b/foo            -  ./dir_b/foo

Plugin behavior

To load plugins from individual .zip-archives, or directly from one or more plugin directories, see examples/autoloading/. These examples also demonstrates the autoloader


To be able to autoload classes from a VirtFs filesystem, use the VirtFsLoader class:

use NoccyLabs\VirtFs\VirtFsLoader;

$loader = new VirtFsLoader($virtfs);