Makes working with URLs easier

0.1.3 2020-10-17 20:38 UTC

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Last update: 2024-05-18 04:08:49 UTC



With composer:

    $ composer require noccylabs/url:0.1.*


To canonize URLs

If you have an input URL that may not be fully canonized, pass it through the Url::canonizeUrl() static method:

    $ugly = "";
    $pretty = Url::canonizeUrl($ugly, "https");
    echo $pretty; // <-

To apply partial URLs to base URLs

If you are crawling a page, this can be used to find the appropriate linked resource names from the document:

    $base = new Url("http://www.domain.tld/some/page.html");
    $image = "../image.jpg";
    $image_url = $base->apply($image)->getUrl();
    echo $image_url; // <- http://www.domain.tld/image.jpg

To create and manipulate URLs

    $url = new Url();
    $qs = new QueryString();
    $qs->set("q", "Hello World");
    $url->query = $qs;
    echo $url; // <-