Ad-hoc task-oriented logger

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Last update: 2024-05-07 06:11:30 UTC


This is an ad-hoc logger that implements the PSR LoggerInterfaceand shoves its output into an easily accessible buffer. Use it to collect information on different processes in a system without cluttering the application log.


Install using composer:

$ composer require noccylabs/log-hoc


The logger implements Psr\LoggerInterface so you can use it like any other logger:

$log = new LogBuffer();
$log->info("Things are going well");
$log->debug("You should know this tho: {message}", [ 'message'=>"xyzzy" ]);
$log->error("Something went wrong");

You can also dump variables to it, as long as they can be serialized to json:

$log = new LogBuffer();

Marking will drop a marker in the log, representing a split point, start or stop of a process etc.

$log = new LogBuffer();
$log->mark("Starting order processing");

To see what has been logged, you can either string-cast it, or use the getBuffer() or getBufferArray() methods to fetch the contents.

$log = new LogBuffer();
$orderProcessor->process($order, $log);


You can customize the format slightly:

$log = new LogBuffer();
$log->setFormat("%levelpad% %timestamp% // %message%");

You can use %time%, %message%, %level%, %levelpad% and %context% placeholders in the format specifier:

%time%      "19:37:44"
%message%   "This is a log message"
%level%     "info"
%levelpad%  "      info" (right-aligned to 10 chars)
%context%   "{"foo":"bar"}"