Simple opinionated setup for using Solr search in a basic ss4 project

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v1.1 2020-01-28 07:59 UTC

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Last update: 2024-01-28 16:54:35 UTC


Simple opinionated setup for using Solr search in a basic ss4 setup.

This package simply provides some out of the box functionality to get Solr search on your SilverStripe site. For now, it uses Solr 4, as supported by the silverstripe/fulltextsearch module.

This also includes some cosmetic changes to SearchForm

composer require nobrainer-web/solr-search


Adding fields to the index

You can add fulltext fields to be indexed by defining the custom_fields config setting on SolrIndex.

For example:

    - HeroTitle
    - HeroText
Adding classes to the index

Classes to be added are defined in the classesToIndex config setting. SiteTree is included by default. example:

    - MyDataObject


By default the fields Title, MenuTitle and Summary are added to the index. You can disable this by setting the add_default_fields config setting to false.

Setting environment options

There are various .env settings you can define. You can see some of them in _config.php, but most of the time the default options are fine.

If multiple sites on the server are sharing the same Solr instance, you might want to define SS_SOLR_INDEX_PREFIX or SS_SOLR_INDEX_SUFFIX, to make your Solr index's name unique.