Implementation of the danish Bilinfo GET listings API

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v1.0 2019-08-26 06:47 UTC

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Last update: 2020-01-21 08:03:34 UTC


Implementation of the danish Bilinfo GET listings API

The API is very limited as it simply returns a big payload of json with all vehicle listings.

composer require nobrainer-web/silverstripe-bilinfo


  • SilverStripe 4
  • PHP 7.3 (for better json_encode error handling)
  • A user at Bilinfo

API Credentials

The BilInfo API requires a username and password. You must set these in .env with these variables:



  • SS_BILINFO_USER='demo'

Build Tasks

To pull down data from the BilInfo API and save it, you can use GetApiDataTask. This task should probably be run as a cron job, once a day.

Then you would use GetSinceDaysDataTask every hour or so, to get latest updated API data. The ?sincedays param is by default set 1.


A Listing is "Sold" when the ExternalDeletedDate field is set.

By default automatic clean up of sold listings is enabled. This can be disabled on Listings::$enabled_automatic_cleanup.

Run dev/tasks/bi-cleanup-listings-task to clean up listings. It will check the Listings::$deletion_after_days_sold setting to decide if a Listing should be deleted or not

A note on DB fields in this module

All fields from the API are strings. Some of these fields are mapped to INT instead.


  • Translations and proper strings for equipment names
  • Support for Video/360 images
  • Support to output other sizes of listing image urls