Laravel cache helper methods

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1.0.1 2021-09-18 10:19 UTC

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nnjeim Persist Helper

A Laravel cache helper methods.


You can install the package via composer:

composer require nnjeim/persist


Persist Facade
use Nnjeim\Fetch\Fetch;
use Nnjeim\Respond\Respond;
use Nnjeim\Persist\Persist;

class Country { 

	public function index() {

		if (Persist::setCacheTag('countries')->setCacheKey('index')->hasCacheKey()) {
			return Respond::toJson()
		['response' => $response, 'status' => $status] = Fetch::setBaseUri('https://someapi.com')->get('countries');
			if ($status === 200 && $response->success) {
				$data = Persist::setCacheTag('countries')
				return Respond::toJson()
			return Respond::withErrors();
PersistHelper Instantiation
use Nnjeim\Persist\PersistHelper;
use Nnjeim\Fetch\FetchHelper;
use Nnjeim\Respond\RespondHelper;

class Country { 

	private PersistHelper $persist;
	private FetchHelper $fetch;
	private RespondHelper $respond;

	public function __construct(
		PersistHelper $persist, 
		FetchHelper $fetch, 
		RespondHelper $respond
		) {
		$this->persist = $persist;
		$this->fetch = $fetch;
		$this->respond = $respond;
		$this->persist->setCacheTag = 'countries';
		$this->fetch->setBaseUri = 'https://someapi.com';
	public function index() {
		$this->persist->setCacheKey = 'index';
		if ($this->persist->hasCacheKey()) {
			return $this->respond
		['response' => $response, 'status' => $status] = $this->fetch->get('countries');
		if ($status === 200 && $response->success) {
			$data = $this->persist->rememberCacheForever($response->data);
			return $this->respond
		return $this->respond->withErrors();


Set the cache tag
Sets the cache tag string | array

@return $this       setCacheTag(string | array $cacheTag, $suffix = null)
Set the cache key
Sets the cache key string 

@return $this       setCacheKey(string $cacheKey)
Form a composite cache key
sets the cache key with the result of the concatenatenation of multiple strings with an '_' seprator.

@return $this       formCacheKey(array $strings) or formCacheKey($string1, $string2, ...)
Cache Key exist
Asserts if a cache key exists

@return bool       hasCacheKey(string $cacheKey)
Get a cache key
Returns the peristed cache key.

@return mixed       getCacheKey(string $cacheKey)
Remember cache
returns the cached value for a given number of seconds

@return mixed       rememberCache($value, $ttl)
Remember cache forever
returns the cached value

@return mixed       rememberCacheForever($value)
Forget a cache key
Clears the cache of the given cache key.   

@return void       forgetCacheKey(string $cacheKey)
Flush the cache by Tag
Clears all the cache keys related to a given cache tag

@return void       flushCacheTag()
Increment a cache key
Increments a cache key by a given value. default = 1.

@return void       incrementCacheKey($amount = 1)
Decrement a cache key
Decrements a cache key by a given value. default = 1.

@return void       decrementCacheKey($amount = 1)


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