Connect TYPO3 to the job and recruiting management zvoove

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v1.2.0 2022-03-10 15:36 UTC

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Last update: 2024-07-21 14:37:46 UTC


TYPO3 extension for showing jobs from zvoove and sending applications

This extension will display a list of jobs / vacancies from the zvoove recruiting platform using the Rest API provided by zvoove. It will also add a form-element using the tx_form extension of the TYPO3 core to send applications to the API.

The applications will be visible in the INBOX of the zvoove backend at: https://yourdomain.europersonal.com/recruiting/inbox/bw

Links and further information


WordPress plugin for zvoove

We are currently working on an adaption of this extension for WordPress. It will have the same functions, but work as a simple plugin for WordPress, using a custom post-type for storing and syncing the jobs from zvoove and displaying them in a list- and singleview inside of your WordPress website – without needing iframes.

You will be able to style and customize the templates however you like. If you are interested and would like to be informed about the current devolopment state and get an email when the plugin is ready to be downloaded and installed, please leave us a short message:

Please can contact us at: zvoove@99grad.de

Compiling JS and SCSS files to Resources/Public/Dist

We have included a small PHP library for compiling and minifying the scss and js files. (https://packagist.org/packages/itsahappymedium/fec).

If you make changes to the JS and/or SCSS files in the Public folder, you can compile them by using the command line. No need to move to a different build tool or environment.

  • on the command line: Switch to the directory Resources/
  • run ./Libraries/vendor/bin/fec
  • if needed, edit fec.json to change settings

Adding icons

We have added a small set of icons (from Googles "material design") and created a font using https://icomoon.io

If you need additional icons in the set, follow these steps:

  • download the json located at EXT:zvoove/Resources/Public/Fonts/zvoove/selection.json
  • go to https://icomoon.io/app
  • click on "import project" and select the JSON
  • add icons to the set, export font
  • upload files back to the folder in the extension (better: your own extension)
  • compile the JS and SCSS-files like described above