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1.12.0 2016-04-17 19:58 UTC

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Last update: 2020-07-17 03:16:53 UTC


******* hypeWall Extended *******

This plugin is an extension of hypeWall ( offering more posting options on user's walls. Initial development of this plugin was funded by

The addons features offered by this plugin on hypeWall are:

  • blog posts (core blog plugin required)
  • video posts (videolist plugin required)
  • poll posts (poll plugin required)
  • events posts (event_manager plugin required)

The plugin has been sucessfuly tested with hypeWall 3.2.x but probably will work fine with hypeWall 4.x

== Installation == Requires: 1.9.x or higher

  1. Upload the plugin in "/mod/" elgg folder
  2. Activate the plugin in the administration panel
  3. In 'Administration/Configure/Settings/hypeWall Extended' you can configure some basic options
  4. In Settings, if change the size of icons don't forget to flush the cache