errbit/airbrake integration with php with psr-2

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This is a full-featured client to add integration with Errbit (or Airbrake) to any PHP >= 5.3 application.

Original idea and source has no support for php namespaces. Moreover it has a bug and with newest errbit version the xml has not supported chars.

What is for?

Check the presentation below!

Huston whe have an Airbrake


We haven't put this in PEAR or anything like that (please feel to contribute) so you need to install it locally.

Clone Way

git clone git://github.com/emgiezet/errbitPHP.git

Composer Way

require: {
    "emgiezet/errbit-php": "dev-master"


To setup an Errbit instance you need to configure it with an array of parameters. Only two of them are mandatory.

use Errbit\Errbit;

    'api_key'           => 'YOUR API KEY',
    'host'              => 'YOUR ERRBIT HOST, OR api.airbrake.io FOR AIRBRAKE'

View the full configuration.

This will register error handlers:


And log all the errors intercepted by handlers to your errbit.

If you want to notify an exception manually, you can call notify() without calling a start(). That way you can avoid registering the handlers.

use Errbit\Errbit;

try {
} catch (Exception $e) {
    array('controller'=>'UsersController', 'action'=>'show')

Using your own error handler

If you don't want Errbit to install its own error handlers and prefer to use your own, you can just leave out the call to start(), then wherever you catch an Exception (note the errors must be converted to Exceptions), simply call

use Errbit\Errbit;

With this type of use. Library will not handle the errors collected by:


Using only some of the default handlers

There are three error handlers installed by Errbit: exception, error and fatal.

By default all three are used. If you want to use your own for some handlers, but not for others, pass the list into the start() method.

use Errbit\Errbit;
Errbit::instance()->start(array('error', 'fatal')); // using our own exception handler

Symfony2 Integration

See the documentation for symfony2 integration.

Kohana 3.3 Integration

check out the kohana-errbit for kohana 3.3 integration.

Symfony 1.4 Integration

No namespaces in php 5.2 so this library can't be used. Go to filipc/sfErrbitPlugin and monitor your legacy 1.4 applications.

License & Copyright

Copyright © mmx3.pl 2013 Licensed under the MIT license. Based on idea of git://github.com/flippa/errbit-php.git but rewritten in 90%. See the LICENSE file for details.


main idea @flippa OOP Rework, Tests and packaging @emgiezet

Rest of the contributors: Contributors page

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