OneSheet is a fast and lightweight single sheet excel/xlsx file writer for php 5.3+ and 7.* with styling and cell auto-sizing support.

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OneSheet is a simple single sheet excel/xlsx file writer for PHP 5 and PHP 7 with cell auto-sizing and styling support.

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What it does

  • Write a single spreadsheet fast and with a small memory footprint.
  • Freeze the first [n] rows to have a fixed table header/headline.
  • Use different fonts, styles, borders and background colors on a row level.
  • Set your own custom column width per column.
  • Autosize column widths to fit cell contents. If no fonts are found, rough estimates are used.
  • Define minimum and maximum column widths to keep exceptionally large or small cell contents in check.

What it doesnt

  • No cell individualisation, everything is applied at a row level.
  • No calculated / formula cells.
  • No conditional formatting.
  • No number formats.
  • No charts.

Install via composer

$ composer require nimmneun/onesheet

Manual installation

If you can't or don't want to use composer for some reason, download & extract onsheet and require the file autoload.php from the releases root folder.

// path to onesheet autoload file on your server / webspace e.g.:
require_once '/srv/';

Minimal working example


require_once '../vendor/autoload.php';

$onesheet = new \OneSheet\Writer('/optional/fonts/directory');
$onesheet->addRow(array('hello', 'world'));

Available Writer operations

Writer::setFreezePaneCellId(string $cellId)
Writer::setPrintTitleRange(int $startRow, int $endRow)
Writer::setFixedColumnWidths(array $columnWidths)
Writer::setColumnWidthLimits(float $minWidth, float $maxWidth)
Writer::addRows(array $rows, Style $style)
Writer::addRow(array $row, Style $style)
Writer::writeToFile(string $fileName)
Writer::writeToBrowser(string $fileName)

Adding font styles

Style::setFontName(string $name)
Style::setFontSize(int $size)
Style::setFontColor(string $color)

Adding background colors (fills)

Style::setFillColor(string $color)

Adding borders

Style::setSurroundingBorder(string $style, string $color)
Style::setBorderLeft(string $style, string $color)
Style::setBorderRight(string $style, string $color)
Style::setBorderTop(string $style, string $color)
Style::setBorderBottom(string $style, string $color)
Style::setBorderDiagonalUp(string $style, string $color)
Style::setBorderDiagonalDown(string $style, string $color)

Cell autosizing

... is cool, but comes with heavy performance impacts - especially when dealing with multibyte characters like ä, ß, Æ, ポ.

Keep in mind though ... you can improve runtimes for larger datasets by disabling it after adding a decent number of rows.

Impacts of autosizing 100k rows * 10 cols * 5 chars 100k rows * 10 cols * 10 chars 100k rows * 10 cols * 20 chars 100k rows * 10 cols * 40 chars
Autosizing OFF (Single Byte Chars) 18 seconds 18 seconds 19 seconds 20 seconds
Autosizing ON (Single Byte Chars) 23 seconds (+27%) 27 seconds (+50%) 34 seconds (+78%) 49 seconds (+145%)
Autosizing OFF (Multi Byte Chars) 20 seconds 21 seconds 23 seconds 26 seconds
Autosizing ON (Multi Byte Chars) 29 seconds (+45%) 36 seconds (+71%) 47 seconds (+104%) 69 seconds (+126%)

Additional examples


require_once '../vendor/autoload.php';

// create a header style
$headerStyle = (new \OneSheet\Style\Style())

// create a data style
$dataStyle1 = (new \OneSheet\Style\Style());
    ->setFontName('Segoe UI')

// create a second data style
$dataStyle2 = (new \OneSheet\Style\Style());

// prepare some dummy header data
$dummyHeader = array('Strings', 'Ints', 'Floats', 'Dates', 'Times', 'Uids');

// prepare some dummy data
$dummyData = array();
for ($i = 1; $i <= 100; $i++) {
    $dummyData[] = array(
        substr(md5(microtime()), rand(11,22)),
        date(DATE_RSS, time() + $i*60*60*24),
        date('H:i:s', time() + $i),
        uniqid(null, 1)

// create new OneSheet instance
$onesheet = new \OneSheet\Writer();

// add header with style
$onesheet->addRow($dummyHeader, $headerStyle);

// freeze everything above cell A2 (the first row will be frozen)

// enable autosizing of column widths and row heights

// add dummy data row by row and switch between styles
foreach ($dummyData as $key=> $data) {
    if ($key % 2) {
        $onesheet->addRow($data, $dataStyle1);
    } else {
        $onesheet->addRow($data, $dataStyle2);

// ignore the coming rows for autosizing

// add an oversized dummy row
$onesheet->addRow(array('no one cares about my size and I dont even have a special style!'));

// add the all the dummy rows once more, because we can =)

// Override column widths for columns 6, 7, 8 (column 0 is the first)
$onesheet->setFixedColumnWidths(array(5 => 10, 6 => 10, 7 => 10));

// write everything to the specified file
$onesheet->writeToFile(str_replace('.php', '_onesheet.xlsx', __FILE__));

Issues, bugs, features and ...

Feel free to report any sightings =).