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A live internationalisation edition tool for laravel

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Translation made easy

Lari18n provide an easy to use graphical interface to interact with each translated text.


Did you ever experienced the struggle of translating a website ? Well, maybe not, a PHP array is probably really easy to read for you !

But in most case the translation is made by non technical profile, like a proffessional translator. Unfortunately,a large portion of them do not know PHP array.

Sure, they can learn how it work, or you can generate some po files, but where is the context in that ?

return array(
	'previous' => '« Previous',
	'next'     => 'Next »',

What if we can gave them a tool to translate a whole website without touching any PHP file and with a full context of the translation ?

This is the goal of Lari18n


Lari18n Toolbar


Lari18n translation overlay




To install Lari18n as a Composer package to be used with Laravel 4, simply add this to your composer.json:

  "nicolasbeauvais/lari18n": "dev-master"


To let your app use the front end ressource of Lari18n you need to publish them to your app using this artisan command for the assets

  php artisan asset:publish nicolasbeauvais/lari18n

and use this command for the views

  php artisan view:publish nicolasbeauvais/lari18n


You should comment (or remove) the laravel translation service provider and use lari18n instead

  'providers' => array(
      // ...
      // ...

Using Lari18n

Lari18n help you to archieve a new translation process, for that you must use the native laravel localization system, and your app base language (falback_locale) translation files must be up to date.

To activate Lari18n you can use the activate method. For example in a filter for a specific role of your application.


Now, every time you use trans() or Lang::get() lari18n will be able to do some magic work.

#####But how to choose which translation you want to perform ?

Lari18n use the app.fallback_locale as the reference language and the app.locale as the language to translate.

New Translation

Lari18n is packed with a artisan command to help you in the translation process. This command create a new locale directory with all the translation files ready to be translated with Lari18n.

  php artisan lari18n:new [from_locale] [to_locale]

Translation changes

You can watch your translations directory using gulp or grunt and apply the update command on file change

  php artisan lari18n:update

This command will update all other locales files with the additions made on the fallback locale files.

If you also want to remove the entry that doesn't exist in your fallback locale you can use the remove option

  php artisan lari18n:update --remove


This Laravel package is open-sourced licensed under the MIT license