Simple, file-system based image gallery.

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A simple, no-database, PHP image gallery. Lightweight and lighting fast.


  • Upload over FTP. No convoluted admin interface.
  • Nested folders
  • Supports JPEGs and PNGs
  • Gorgeous default theme lets your images shine
  • Responsive; looks great on mobile
  • Optional custom image descriptions and folder descriptions using text files
  • Autogenerate thumbnails, or use your own custom ones (or do both at the same time)
  • Fully themable...
  • Or just tweakable with simple custom CSS


With Composer

Add nickswalker/neuegal to your composer.json's require section. Run composer update. You should now have access to \Nickswalker\NeueGal\NeueGal, the main class of the project. Construct a NeueGal object with a complete path to your resume.xml and some additional path parameters. Here's a base implementation that will function for an installation at the root of a server:

require 'vendor/autoload.php';

$themePathFromRoot = realpath('themes/default'); //Where is your theme?
												 //Note that the theme MUST be in a publicly accesible directory!
												 //Otherwise your CSS won't load :(
$galleryPathFromRoot = realpath('Sample Gallery');

$neuegal = new \Nickswalker\NeueGal\NeueGal($themePathFromRoot, $galleryPathFromRoot);


You will need to move the index.php, resume.xml, themes folder, and the Sample Gallery folder from the vendor directory where composer puts them into wherever you want to make your resume available, otherwise updating using composer update will overwrite the files. Note that the theme directory and photos directoris must be publicly accessible on your server. Modify the the paths in the index.php with your changes.

Without Composer

Go to the releases tab above and download the archive of the latest release. Dowloading the source straight from GitHub will not work because it won't include the composer autlooad files. Unzip it into your desired install location on a server running PHP 5.3 or above enabled server and you'll be up and running.


Adding Images and Files

If you don't enjoy the included gallery of flower photos (from yours truly ;) ), you can clear it out. Simply add images or folders to the directory over FTP and your gallery will update to display them just like you'd imagine. Note however that directory information is cached and you may have to delete the cache folder within your photos directory to get the server to update immediately.

Adding Descriptions

Image descriptions are dynamically retrieved from a .txt file in your photos directory. So, to add a description to flower.jpg, you would create flower.txt in the same directory that the photo is stored in. Folder descriptions are dynamically retrieved from a description.txt file in a given directory.

###Overiding Dynamically Generated Thumbnails NeueGal will generate and cache thumbnails into a cache folder within your photos directory. If you want more control, you can create your own thumbnail and upload it into the custom thumbnails directory within your gallery. For example, if you wanted to create a thumbnail for mygallery/nested folder/flower.png you would create a thumbnail at mygallery/custom thumbnails/nested folder/flower.png.


Within your theme's directory you'll find a settings.php file which selectively overides settings in the root settings file located in the src folder. Do not tweak settings in the root file because all changes will be overwritten during updates.


"I just want to tweak some things"

Easy! Add a custom-style.css file to the folder where you keep your photos and it will be loaded automatically.

"I want to write an entirely custom theme"

The default theme is an example of how flexible NeueGal is. That being said, the aim of project is to be as light weight as possible, and this means forgoing any dependencies, including a templating engine. The built in parsing and templating are not as robust as many PHP frameworks that are dedicated to that purpose, but they are decent.

Getting Started

Create a folder in the themes directory. Make sure that the path to this directory is passed in when your initialize NeueGal. Create a settings.php and a template.php file in your theme's directory and you're in business.

Changing Formatting

You can overide the HTML structure that NeueResume puts XML elements into by setting the following indexes in the settings array:

return array(
    'theme' => array(
		'imageFormat' => $imageFormat,
		'folderFormat' => $folderFormat

Note that you can override any settings within this file (or even make up some of your own, which will become accessible through the $settings variable passed into your template when it is processed). The default string for the imageFormat index (which can be found in the root settings.php file) looks like this:

	<a title="{{Title}} {{Description}}" class="thumb-container" href="{{Path}}" >
		<img src="{{ThumbPath}}" alt="{{Title}}" />

Double braced words are replaced by the content of their corresponding node for the item being processed. The default folderFormat is very similar.

Change Page Structure

The template.php in your theme's folder is where you can change the page as a whole. Treat it like an HTML file from which you can call into PHP for some important variables. <?php $this->showGallery();?> will output the images and folders of the current directory processed into your theme's specified HTML formats. You have access to any settings you've created on a $settings array that is passed in to the template. Additionally, you have access to some useful values on a $vars array. Here's a var_dump of $vars when accessing mygallery/Nested Folder/ where the gallery root is also the document root of the server:

	[current_directory] => Nested Folder/
    [gallery_url] => /
    [current_folder_name] => Nested Folder
    [description] => That's right, folders in folders

Look to the default theme's template for an example of how to create a cohesive structure with this information.


Have a bug? Please create an issue on GitHub at