The Phake mock testing library

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Phake is a framework for PHP that aims to provide mock objects, test doubles and method stubs.

Phake was inspired by a lack of flexibility and ease of use in the current mocking frameworks combined with a recent experience with Mockito for Java.

A key conceptual difference in mocking between Phake and most of php mocking frameworks (ie: mock functionality in PHPUnit, PHPMock, and mock functionality in SimpleTest) is that Phake (like Mockito) employs a verification strategy to ensure that calls get made. That is to say, you call your code as normal and then after you have finished the code being tested you can verify whether or not expected methods were called. This is very different from the aforementioned products for php which use an expectation strategy where you lay out your expectations prior to any calls being made.

Installation - Composer

Phake can be installed using Composer.

  1. Add Phake as a dependency.
"require": {
	"phake/phake": "dev-master"
  1. Run Composer: php composer.phar install or php composer.phar update

Installation - PEAR

Phake can be installed using PEAR via the Digital Sandwich PEAR channel

This pear channel can be added to PEAR with the following command:

pear channel-discover

You should only need to do that once. After this you can install Phake with the following command

pear install digitalsandwich/Phake

After the installation you can find the Phake source files inside your local PEAR directory

Installation - Source

You can also of course install it from source by downloading it from our github repository:


There are a few links that have information on how you can utilize Phake.

If you have an article or tutorial that you would like to share, feel free to open an issue on github and I will add it to this list