Kickstart new nodetype in Neos

2.3.0 2016-11-03 04:05 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2023-05-17 13:14:55 UTC



The master branch is in upgrade process to compatible with Neos 3.0


See the following table for the correct branch to choose:

Neos CMS Branches
>= 3.0 dev-master
<= 2.3 2.3

Open terminal and run composer require command

composer require --dev nguonchhay/nodetypegenerator dev-master

Or add directly to your composer.json in the require-dev section of your directory root:

"require-dev": {
    "nguonchhay/nodetypegenerator": "dev-master"

Then download the package: composer update nguonchhay/nodetypegenerator

Clear caches just to be safe

./flow flow:cache:flush --force

Add these configuration to global route at Configuration/Development/Routes.yaml

# Nguonchhay.NodeTypeGenerator route

  name: 'Nguonchhay NodeTypeGenerator'
  uriPattern: 'nodetypegenerator/<NguonchhayNodeTypeGeneratorSubroutes>'
    '@package': 'Nguonchhay.NodeTypeGenerator'
    '@format': 'html'
      package: 'Nguonchhay.NodeTypeGenerator'

Generating new document or content nodetype with three easy steps

    1. Go to generating form `<your-base-url>/nodetypegenerator` and input the nodetype information then submit the form.
    2. Review generated nodetype. You can adjust fusion(.ts2) and template(.html) base on your real requirement.
    3. Import gernerated nodetype into your active sites. You can import generated nodetype to active sites.

Then go to back end and test that imported nodetype.

Making change

We develop Nguonchhay.NodeTypeGenerator by using:

    1. Bower: download font awesome
    2. Grunt: compile resources
    3. CoffeeScript: developing script
    4. Scss: developing style

Install js dependencies and AdminLTE theme using bower

bower install

Install grunt dependencies using npm

npm install

Compile resources

grunt build