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This repo is not maintained and the script most likely doesn't work anymore since Nike+PHP is dead.


NikePlusExport is a script built to help you export your Nike+ gps activities.
The script supports JSON, GPX and TCX as output formats.
This project has been mainly inspired by

This script does NOT use the nike+ api to retrieve the activites


This script is based on the excellent Nike+PHP
It has been successfully tested with nikeplusphp.4.5.php.
To run correctly, it needs PHP 5 with cURL and JSON.


Simply run, assuming you have installed composer.phar or composer binary:

$ composer require ngpp/nikeplusexport


Here's an example of code to export all your runs:

    //Creates the object
    $n = new \Nike\Export($username, $password);
    foreach ($n->activities() as $activity)
        if ($activity->gps)
            //Activities need to be loaded one by one to get the gps data
            $activity = $n->activity($activity->activityId)->activity;
            //Create JSON file
            if(!is_null($jsonContent = $n->toJSON($activity)))
                file_put_contents($activity->activityId . '.json', $jsonContent);
            //Create GPX file
            if(!is_null($gpxContent = $n->toGPX($activity)))
                file_put_contents($activity->activityId . '.gpx', $gpxContent);
            //Create TCX file
            if(!is_null($tcxContent = $n->toTCX($activity)))
                file_put_contents($activity->activityId . '.tcx', $tcxContent);

Information and contact

The script outputs respect the following implementations:

The gps data stored by the Nike+ application doesn't contain the time. It is calculated and could not be 100% accurate.

If you have any problem using the script or want to see new features, please send an email to