Analytics bundle for Newscoop.

0.1 2014-02-18 11:29 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2020-08-07 18:15:18 UTC


Purpose: Generates and implements Piwik and Google Analytics web analytics code for Newscoop.


  • Lists all available Newscoop publications and prompts to select one from the list
  • Presents a form to submit basic and advanced settings that are required to generate Piwik and Google Analytics tracking code for each publication
  • Based on those settings, tracking Code for Piwik and Google Analytics is generated (code options: Piwik JavaScript and NoScript ImageTracker, Piwik JS only, Piwik ImageTracker only, Google Analytics Universal tracking and Google Analytics classic tracking)
  • Provides the option to visit selected publication and links to Piwik login page (if URL provided)
  • Use parameter "tracker" to overwrite the tracking code type


German, English


  • from newscoop root directory: $php application/console plugins:install newscoop/newscoop-plugin-analytics

Tracking Code implementation

  • Include smarty block {{analytics_block}}{{/analytics_block}} in the template files (Theme manager)


  • This plugin requires a Piwik installation ("Piwik URL") or a Google Analytics account.
  • Once Piwik is installed or the Google Analytics account created, the publication must be added as website in Piwik or Google Analytics ("Site ID").