Newscoop Paywall Bundle is a simple and powerful plugin that allows online publishers to monetize their content.

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Newscoop Paywall Bundle is a simple and powerful plugin that allows online publishers to monetize their content.


  • creating publication, issue, section, article aware subscriptions,
  • email notifications,
  • ordered subscription management,
  • discounts (supports percentage discounts at the moment),
  • possibility to define subscription duration/period (in months and days),
  • supports diffrent currencies
  • renewals
  • imports live exchange rates from European Central Bank and Central Bank of Azerbaijan
  • partial support for subscriptions' translations (subscription name and description is translatable)
  • API
  • smarty functions (see Samples section below)
  • integrates a framework agnostic, multi-gateway payment processing library called Omnipay

This plugin realizes "offline" as well as "online" payments. By default, there is a PayPal integration built-in.

Installing Newscoop Paywall Plugin Guide

Installation is a quick process:

  1. Installing plugin through our Newscoop Plugin System
  2. Import currencies
  3. Configure PayPal gateway (optional)
  4. That's all!

Step 1: Installing plugin through our Newscoop Plugin System

Run the command:

$ php application/console plugins:install "newscoop/newscoop-paywall-bundle"
$ php application/console assets:install public/

Plugin will be installed to your project's newscoop/plugins/Newscoop directory.

Step 2: Import currencies (optional)

To make use of the paywall and to be able to create new subscriptions, currencies needs to be defined. This can be done manually (in the plugin backend) as well as automatically, we recommend the second option.

Run command:

$ php application/console paywall:currency:import

Currencies will be imported from European Central Bank and default used currency will be EUR.


You can also import currencies from the Central Bank of Azerbaijan where the default currency will be AZN.

To do that run command:

$ php application/console paywall:currency:import cbar

Step 3: Configure PayPal gateway (optional)

After the installation, by default the plugin realizes "offline" payments. If you want to use built-in PayPal integration, you will need to provide more details to access your PayPal account.

To do this you need to add the following parameters to your custom_parameters.yml file in Newscoop, with your PayPal credentials:

# application/configs/parameters/custom_parameters.yml
        brandName: "My website" # this will show up in PayPal payment step as a brand name.
                username: <api_username>
                password: <api_password>
                signature: <api_signature>
                # test_mode: true #used for testing purposes when using PayPal sandbox

Dispatch the plugin update event so it can add PayPal gateway to Paywall plugin, execute the command:

$ php application/console plugins:dispatch "newscoop/newscoop-paywall-bundle" update

Go to Newscoop backend -> Plugins -> Paywall -> Configure Paywall and choose PayPal gateway from Payment Gateway select box. Click "Save". PayPal with provided credentials will be used now as a default payment gateway.

Check here how to obtain PayPal credentials for your account.

Step 4: That's all!

Go to Newscoop Admin panel and then hit Plugins tab. Newscoop Paywall Plugin will show up there. Now, you can add new subscriptions etc.




This bundle is under the GNU General Public License v3. See the complete license in the bundle:



Newscoop Paywall Bundle is a Sourcefabric z.ú. initiative.