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This Newscoop Plugin adds smarty functions and Admin tools to enable you to ingest, manage, and display Instagram photos in Newscoop.

Install instructions for Newscoop v4.3 on OSX with MAMP

  1. php application/console plugin:install newscoop/instagram-plugin-bundle
  2. Edit the newscoop/application/configs/parameters/custom_parameters.yml file (or create it if it does not exist) and add the following text:
        client_id: "your client id"
        client_secret: "your client secret"
        baseurl: ""
        max_count: 500
  1. Run the following command to ingest the initial 500 photos from Instagram:
php application/console instagram_photos:ingest lennonwall

Update instructions for Newscoop v4.3 on OSX with MAMP

  1. php application/console plugin:remove newscoop/instagram-plugin-bundle
  2. follow steps for manual install above

Instagram Photo View

Provides endpoint, /instagram/photos/{id} for viewing single instagram photos cached locally. Loads template Resources/views/Instagram/instagram_photo.tpl or _views/instagram_photo.tpl if it exists in the loaded theme.


<img src="{{ $instagramPhoto->getThumbnailUrl() }}" width="{{ $instagramPhoto->getThumbnailWidth() }}" height="{{ $instagramPhoto->getThumbnailHeight() }}">

<img src="{{ $instagramPhoto->getLowResolutionUrl() }}" width="{{ $instagramPhoto->getLowResolutionWidth() }}" height="{{ $instagramPhoto->getLowResolutionHeight() }}">

<img src="{{ $instagramPhoto->getStandardResolutionUrl() }}" width="{{ $instagramPhoto->getStandardResolutionWidth() }}" height="{{ $instagramPhoto->getStandardResolutionHeight() }}">

<p>Id: {{ $instagramPhoto->getId() }}</p>
<p>Link: {{ $instagramPhoto->getLink() }}</p>
<p>Caption: {{ $instagramPhoto->getCaption() }}</p>
<p>Tags: {{ $instagramPhoto->getTags() }}</p>
<p>Created by Instagram User: {{ $instagramPhoto->getInstagramUserName() }}</p>
<p>Created on: {{ $instagramPhoto->getCreatedAt()|date_format:"Y-m-d" }}</p>

Instagram Photos Search

Note that this only searches the locally stored InstagramPhoto entities, it does NOT make a call to the Instagram Api

Provides endpoint /instagram/photosearch, which takes the following params:

  1. search - search string, matches against caption, username, tags, and locationName fields
  2. perPage - number of records per page to send in the results
  3. offset - the first record to start with (used for pagination)

Results are delivered to _views/instagram_search_results.tpl, if defined in your theme, or a default internal view is used.


<div id="nav">
   <div class="left-nav"><a href="{{ $prevPageUrl }}">Previous</a></div>
   <div class="center-nav"><span>found {{ $instagramPhotoCount }} results</span></div>
   <div class="right-nav"><a href="{{ $nextPageUrl }}">Next</a></div>
<br class="clear">

<ul id="photo-results-container">
{{ foreach $instagramPhotos as $photo }}
        <div id="box" style="background: url({{ $photo->getLowResolutionUrl() }})">
            <div id="overlay">
                <span id="plus">
                    Posted By: {{ $photo->getInstagramUserName() }}<br>
                    On: {{ $photo->getCreatedAt()|date_format:"Y-m-d" }}<br>
                    {{ $photo->getCaption() }}
{{ /foreach }}

Instagram List Photos Smarty Block

Provides a smarty block to list instagrams photos with a specfific hashtag.


{{ list_instagram_photos tag='lennonwall'  length=30 }}
  <p>{{ $photoIndex }}</p>
  <p>{{ $photo->getCaption() }}</p>
  <p>{{ $photo->getCreatedAt() }}</p>
  <p>{{ $photo->getId() }}</p>
  <p>{{ $photo->getInstagramUserName() }}</p>
  <p>{{ $photo->getTags() }}</p>
  <p>{{ $photo->getLocationName() }}</p>
  <p>{{ $photo->getLocationLatitude() }}</p>
  <p>{{ $photo->getLocationLingitude() }}</p>
  <p>{{ $photo->getLink() }}</p>

  <p>{{ $photo->getThumbnailUrl() }}</p>
  <p>{{ $photo->getThumbnailWidth() }}</p>
  <p>{{ $photo->getThumbnailHeight() }}</p>

  <p>{{ $photo->getStandardResolutionUrl() }}</p>
  <p>{{ $photo->getStandardResolutionWidth() }}</p>
  <p>{{ $photo->getStandardResolutionThumbnailHeight() }}</p>

  <p>{{ $photo->getLowResolutionUrl() }}</p>
  <p>{{ $photo->getLowResolutionWidth() }}</p>
  <p>{{ $photo->getLowResolutionHeight() }}</p>

{{ /list_instagram_photos }}

Instagram Photo Ingest Console Command


php application/console instagram_photos:ingest lennonwall

where lennonwall is the instagram hashtag that you wish to import from