v1.1.14 2016-01-14 21:12 UTC


This is the Newest Industry API PHP SDK.

Basic implementation

You can load the class via composer by using

"newestindustry/niapiphp": "dev-master"

in the require part.

After that you can initiate the NI class by giving the client id, client secret and redirect uri to the default object:

$config = array(
                "client_id" => "clientid", 
                "client_secret" => "clientsecret",
                "redirect_uri" => "http://redirect/uri"
$ni = new \NI($config);

And start the login process by firing the login() function.


Make sure you do this after starting your session. The session namespace used is "niapi".

If you want to redirect the user to the register form instead of the login form set the register flag to true.


This will take the user directly to the register form. After registration the user will be redirected to the login form and everything will work the same.

After this, the oauth token is stored in session and is now automatically used in any future calls. If you want to get the logged in users profile, you can use the predefined profile call or use the API calls directly.

$profile = $ni->getApi()->get("/me/");

This returns the \NI\Api\Response object. The actual user profile data would be in


But as a helper getProfile is available:

$profile = $ni->getApi()->getProfile();

And is either false, or the users object.


To load the NI sidebar you can use the Sidebar components class:

$sidebar = \NI\Components\Sidebar();

This is directly useable in templates or code because of the lovely and magical __string function:

echo $sidebar;

Config options

Key Description Default value Possible value(s)
base_url The API endpoint URL "" A valid url
client_id Client ID for oauth false A valid Client ID
client_secret Client Secret for oauth false A valid Client Secret
redirect_uri The URL to redirect to after logging in false A valid redirect uri
scope The data scope "default" "default"
api_key The API Key false A valid api key