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This is a framework independent workflow library. It provides an step-transition based workflow implementation for processing entities through its life cycle.

Due to its data format and framework independence it does not run as a standalone workflow library. The entity/data implementation and input processing via forms have to be implemented. This workflow library is more a skeleton for your workflow requirements.


The main concept

  • An entity processes different steps in its lifecycle.
  • The process between two steps is called Transition.
  • A transition can depend on conditions which determine if the transition is available.
  • Each transition contains a list of actions which are performed to reach the next step.
  • Actions can require additional user input to perform the transition.
  • User input are handled by a form.

Workflow items

  • The Item wraps the entity to provide workflow related information.
  • It knows the current state and the whole state history.
  • Due to the flexibility of the data structure the EntityId is used to identify an entity.


  • An workflow is defined for a specific entities from a specific data provider.
  • The workflow is the definition of multiple steps and their transitions.
  • A workflow always has one start transition.
  • It can have multiple end transitions.


  • There can be multiple workflow definitions for the same data provider.
  • The manager selects the matching workflow and creates the transition handler.
  • At the moment an item can only be in one workflow.


  • Transitions and steps can can be limited to an permission.
  • Checking the permission and organizing them is part of the current implementation.

More features

  • Collection based repositories.
  • Transaction save transitions.
  • Flexible config system for workflows, steps and transitions.


This library requires at least PHP 7.1.


See the


You may have a look at the examples.

A concrete implementation is available as integration for CMS Contao netzmacht/contao-workflow.


This library is heavenly inspired by the great workflow implementation of orocrm plattform and got some concepts from the LexikWorkflowBundle.