Javascript libraries for the Leaflet maps integration for Contao

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This package is just a bundle of leaflet libraries required by netzmacht/contao-leaflet-maps - the Leaflet maps integration into Contao CMS.

This package contains following packages:


You can install this package via composer.

$ php composer.phar require netzmacht/contao-leaflet-libraries:~1.0 

If you use Contao 4 without the managed edition, you also have to register the module as a bundle.


  // Dependency is automatically installed and has to be registered
  new Contao\CoreBundle\HttpKernel\Bundle\ContaoModuleBundle('leaflet-libs', $this->getRootDir()),

Version numbers

Each release has is tagged with the main leaflet version which is shipped with this bundle. For any bugfix release which is created without shipping a newer version of leaflet, this package uses four parts of the version number.


As this package is just a meta package to provide the libraries, the licenses of each library have to be accepted. They are under the MIT or BSD license.