Javascript form validation.

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This extension provides extended form validations like client side form validation for the Contao forms.


  • Client side form validation using This is an commercial library supporting well known frameworks like Bootstrap, foundation. It is NOT included in this extension and has to be purchased and installed by its own.
  • supports html5 form validation. Since Contao supports html5 form field widgets most validators work out of the box.
  • Automatically create frontend validators for:
    • upload file (extensions and file size)
    • password (min length of password field, compare passwords)
    • date formats (date, datim)
    • phone validator ( does not support input type tel.).
    • string length validation (min length, max length)

Following features are planned:

  • Support default Contao 3.4 form syntax
  • Provide extended validators for client and server side.


You can install this extension using composer:

$ php composer.phar require netzmacht/contao-form-validation:~2.0

After installing, do following steps:

  1. Set the assets path to the library in System settings -> form validation
  2. Create a form validation config in the form generator.
  3. Edit the form setting and activate client side validation. Select the configuration here.
  4. Edit the form fields and customize the client side validation config.