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Extends tx_news with blog-like features.

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0.4.0 2018-03-06 13:46 UTC

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Last update: 2021-11-19 13:18:55 UTC


Extends tx_news with blog-like features.


Backend users as article authors

The author and author_email fields are hidden, but a new field for selecting a backend user as author for the article is displayed instead. The old fields are still accessible through e.g. {} though. To access the backend user record, utilize {news.authorRecord}.

Profile page for backend users

Backend users now contain a profilePid field which allows linking to a static page for displaying the author's profile. The page id to link to it is accessible through e.g. {news.authorRecord.profilePid}.

Abstract for backend users

This extension allows to add a short abstract about the author to each backend user record which is accessible through e.g. {news.authorRecord.abstract}.

If you set "abstract relations" in the extension manager, you'll be able to select a tt_content record as abstract, which is translatable and therefore suggested for multi-language setups. Access the related tt_content record with {news.authorRecord.abstractContent}.

We also added support for the avatar-field which is available in TYPO3 v7. Use the file reference from the authorRecord to display the user's avatar image right next to the abstract; <f:image src="{newsItem.authorRecord.avatar.uid}" treatIdAsReference="1" />

Automatic assignmend of current backend user

If you create or edit a record, the backend user you're currently logged in as will be assigned to the news record as author automatically.

Filter articles by author

You can utilize TypoScript setting plugin.tx_news.settings.authors or GP param tx_news_pi1[overwriteDemand][authors] to filter records by author(s) where the first takes precedence over the latter. Both take a comma-separated list of backend user id's to filter records. This way, you can set up author pages with a list of their articles or filter the news list by author.

RTE transformation service to support code formatting

As the default RTE transformations drop almost anything required to properly display multi-lined code with proper indentation, it adapts the news' bodytext field (where you type your content into) and applies the following transformations to content wrapped inside pre-tags only:

  • Before storing content into the database:
    • Consecutive space characters are converted to non-breaking spaces (&nbsp;). This allows proper indentation, as they would be dropped otherwise.
    • Newlines are converted to <br /> in order to keep line breaks where intended.
  • Before displaying content inside the RTE:
    • <br /> tags are converted back to newlines for easier editing in RTE.