Response type for the bulletphp framework implementing chunked encoding

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Bullet-Chunks is a Response class for the Bullet PHP framework.

It helps reducing the memory/disk footprint and the response time of Bullet PHP pages or API endpoints where lot of data needs to be returned.

Often such data is read from a database as a list of records, or from a file as binary chunks of lines.

If a Traversable (or similarly foreach-able) class can be (or already is) wrapped around the data where it isn't fetched at once, but record-by-record or line-by-line, this response object can emit the HTTP response as the data arrives, without loading all of it into a large memory buffer or temporary file.

As a result, the browser or API client will start receiving the data as the first item arrives, and the memory footprint won't depend on the amount of data being transferred.

Chunked encoding



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