PHP XML-Processor based on XMLReader

1.1.0 2023-04-06 08:17 UTC

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PHP XML-Processor based on XMLReader.

The XMLProcessor walks through the XML-file with the \XMLReader and fires events on each node of the \XMLReader. So its ease to process huge XML files with low memory usage.


The following events are available:

Event XMLReader NodeType
event const
react on callback arguments
openFile XmlProcessor::EVENT_OPEN_FILE after open file before first read NodeProcessorContext
endOfFile XmlProcessor::EVENT_END_OF_FILE after last read before close NodeProcessorContext
NodeType_0 \XMLReader::NONE No node type NodeProcessorContext
NodeType_1 \XMLReader::ELEMENT Start element [OpenContext]
NodeType_2 \XMLReader::ATTRIBUTE Attribute node NodeProcessorContext
NodeType_3 \XMLReader::TEXT Text node TextContext
NodeType_4 \XMLReader::CDATA CDATA node NodeProcessorContext
NodeType_5 \XMLReader::ENTITY_REF Entity Reference node NodeProcessorContext
NodeType_6 \XMLReader::ENTITY Entity Declaration node NodeProcessorContext
NodeType_7 \XMLReader::PI Processing Instruction node NodeProcessorContext
NodeType_8 \XMLReader::COMMENT Comment node NodeProcessorContext
NodeType_9 \XMLReader::DOC Document node NodeProcessorContext
NodeType_10 \XMLReader::DOC_TYPE Document Type node NodeProcessorContext
NodeType_11 \XMLReader::DOC_FRAGMENT Document Fragment node NodeProcessorContext
NodeType_12 \XMLReader::NOTATION Notation node NodeProcessorContext
NodeType_13 \XMLReader::WHITESPACE Whitespace node NodeProcessorContext
NodeType_14 \XMLReader::SIGNIFICANT_WHITESPACE Significant Whitespace node NodeProcessorContext
NodeType_15 \XMLReader::END_ELEMENT End Element CloseContext
NodeType_16 \XMLReader::END_ENTITY End Entity NodeProcessorContext
NodeType_17 \XMLReader::XML_DECLARATION XML Declaration node NodeProcessorContext

How to use

To process an XML file, you need to create a nodeProcessor class. It has to implement the NodeProcessorInterface.

Where you can define NodeProcessorInterface::getSubscribedEvents on which events you want to react.

For easier use, you can extend the AbstractNodeProcessor class and implement one of the following interfaces:

Interface description
OpenNodeProcessorInterface To react on opening tags
CloseNodeProcessorInterface To react on closing tags
TextNodeProcessorInterface To react on text between tags


To extract all values of <value> nodes of the following XML:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

Create a simple nodeProcessor class which collect all values of the <value> nodes.


use Netlogix\XmlProcessor\NodeProcessor\AbstractNodeProcessor;
use Netlogix\XmlProcessor\NodeProcessor\OpenNodeProcessorInterface;
use Netlogix\XmlProcessor\NodeProcessor\Context\OpenContext;

class OpenValueNodeProcessor extends AbstractNodeProcessor implements OpenNodeProcessorInterface
    const NODE_PATH = 'value';
    private $nodeValues = [];

    public function openElement(OpenContext $context)
        $xml = $context->getXmlProcessorContext()->getXmlReader();
        $node = $xml->expand();
        $this->nodeValues[] = $node->nodeValue;

    function getNodeValues(): array
        return $this->nodeValues;

Create a new instance of the XmlProcessor class and attach the new nodeProcessor.

require_once 'OpenTestNodeProcessor.php';

require_once 'vendor/autoload.php';

$valueNodeProcessor = new OpenValueNodeProcessor();
$processor = new XMLProcessor([$valueNodeProcessor]);



array(3) {
  string(3) "foo"
  string(3) "bar"
  string(3) "baz"