Create supervisor program groups and programs via CLI.

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1.1.2 2023-06-26 13:53 UTC

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Last update: 2024-05-26 15:44:17 UTC


This package creates supervisor configuration files via flow CLI.

Configuration files are named "group-something.conf" when they contain a supervisor group configuration or "program-something.conf" when they contain a supervisor program configuration. Both are created at Configuration/Supervisor within your application.


Supervisor allows to "include" other files and even allows for globbing.

# cat /etc/supervisor/supervisord.conf
files=/etc/supervisor/conf.d/*.conf /var/www/*/Configuration/Supervisor/group.conf /var/www/*/Configuration/Supervisor/program*.conf

Creating supervisor files dynamically is intended to be a compile time step, preferably on deployment.

Available configuration options:

Program settings get passed to the supervisor configuration file without validation, so every current and future configuration option is available.


Available flow commands:

./flow supervisor:create          Creates supervisor configuration
./flow supervisor:startgroups     Starts all programs of configured groups
./flow supervisor:stopgroups      Stops all programs of configured groups
./flow supervisor:updategroups    Reloads config and starts/stops programs accordingly

Create supervisor settings via YAML:

Although supervisor programs can be created entirely via yaml, those are basically static because the yaml configuration format does not provide iteration or dynamic construction mechanisms.




                command: './flow changes:poll ; sleep 5'
                name: 'this-is-a-program'
                environment: "FLOW_CONTEXT='%env:FLOW_CONTEXT%'"
                directory: "%FLOW_PATH_ROOT%"

For more details: See Configuration/Settings.yaml.example

Create supervisor settings via PHP:

There is a Provider interface which allows other packages to hook an and create Supervisor Program settings in a completely programmatic manner.

class Provider implements \Netlogix\Supervisor\Provider
     * @return array<\Netlogix\Supervisor\Model\Program>
    public function getPrograms(): array
        $name = 'this-is-a-program';
        $groupName = 'default';
        $command = './flow changes:poll ; sleep 5';
        $programSettings = [
            'environment' =>  \sprintf(
                Bootstrap::getEnvironmentConfigurationSetting('FLOW_CONTEXT') ?: 'Development'
            'directory' => \FLOW_PATH_ROOT
        return [
            new \Netlogix\Supervisor\Model\Program(

Configure group settings:

Groups are created on demand as soon as a program assigns itself to the group. This means groups don't need to be configured beforehand or even at all.

If no further configuration is presented, the supervisor group name is generated from the "groupName" configuration option of a program.

Groups can override their names. This menas several programs can e.g. refer to the same group "default" but the group can be renamed if different applications share a common supervisor daemon.

This setting also provides a priority setting.


        name: "%FLOW_PATH_ROOT%"
        priority: 200

Renamed identifiers:

Both, group names and program names need to be cleaned to comply with supervisors naming scheme. This is done automatically, so even if the group name is configured as %FLOW_PATH_ROOT% it will be transformed to var-www-document-root.