Render content in fusion as esi:include

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1.3.0 2022-05-23 15:47 UTC


This package provides a simple way to render edge side includes in Neos. This alows you to individually cache parts of the page (e.g. header/footer).

We recommend using this package together with flowpack/varnish for Varnish integration.

Install package

composer require netlogix/esi-rendering


To render a fusion path as ESI, you can use the Netlogix.EsiRendering:RenderAsEsi Fusion implementation:

renderer = afx`
    <p>This is rendered outside of the esi</p>
    <Netlogix.EsiRendering:RenderAsEsi node={} cacheIdentifier="my-esi">
        <p>This is rendered inside of the esi</p>
        <p>The given node is available as {node}</p>

This will render a <esi:include src="..."> tag after the first <p>.

ESIs are not used in the Neos backend, instead the content will be rendered directly.


To get the ESI uri, you can set the following setting to true:

    debug: true

This will render a link before the ESI:

<link rel="esi:include" esi-identifier="my-esi" context-node="/sites/my-site@live" href="/esirendering?fusionPath=...">

This is enabled by default for the Development context.