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Attach metadata objects to Neos Assets

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2.1.0 2023-01-31 09:00 UTC

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Last update: 2024-03-20 11:53:18 UTC


This package allows you to attach multiple metadata objects to an asset.

Assets are automatically given the Netlogix\AssetMetadata\Domain\Model\AssetMetadataAwareInterface using an Aspect, so you can simply call $asset->getMetadata('myMetadata').

Configuration / Usage

  1. Create a new Model with your desired properties that extends Netlogix\AssetMetadata\Domain\Model\AssetMetadata
  2. Configure the metadata:
        label: 'My Metadata'
        # Class that implements this Metadata. Must extend AssetMetadata
        className: 'My\Metadata\Domain\Model\MyMetadata'
        # Partial root path that contains the edit partial
        editPartialRootPath: 'resource://My.Metadata/Private/Partials'
        # Partial File to render in Asset Edit View
        # Path must be Package/Resources/Private/Partials/AssetMetadata/<editPartialName>.html
        editPartialName: 'MyMetadata'
        # Neos AssetSource identifiers to which this Metadata configuration should apply
        # If this is unset, the Metadata will be applied to all AssetSources
        assetSources: ['neos', 'my-special-asset-source']
        # Optional position for ordering in the Edit View of an Asset
        position: 'start'
  1. Create the edit partial:
<label for="mymetadata-fieldA">Field A</label>
<f:form.textfield property="{metadataPropertyPath}.fieldA" id="mymetadata-fieldA" placeholder="Foo" type="text"/>
  1. Set the metadata $asset->setMetadata('mymetadata', new MyMetadata('mymetadata', $asset))
  2. Get the metadata $asset->getMetadata('mymetadata')