A silly Javascript Compiler.

v4.0.2 2021-08-12 22:44 UTC


A silly Javascript "Compiler"

The only things I dislike more than Javascript are other people's Javascript frameworks and build systems. So like a complete tool I wrote my own that works in the way I typically build my scripts.

Use Case

Pretending our website project is setup like this.

  • Our Project Root: /opt/website
  • Our Public Root: /opt/website/www
  • A JS Lib We Wrote: /opt/website/www/share/mylib
  • So our shell sits in /opt/website most of the time.

And our JS Lib mylib is structured like this.

  • src/mylib-main.js
  • src/mylib-whatever.js
  • src/libs/extension1.js
  • src/libs/extension2.js

Quick Start

This library provides a vendor bin file. On Windows you will need to run it as vendor\bin\nether-onescript while upon anything else you will need to call it as php vendor/bin/nether-onescript - I will use the NotWindows notation since thats what any sane server is.

php vendor/bin/nether-onescript help

Creating a new OneScript project.

OneScript expects the project source files to be within the src directory. By default it wil use libs as the module directory looking for the js extension. So the command required for our example project above:

php vendor/bin/nether-onescript create www/share/mylib \

This will create onescript.json (which can be changed by --filename) in www/share/jslib/ - in this JSON file you can see all the options available to change. You will notice that it will have added the main files you listed on the command line in the Files option, and automatically listed libs in the Directories option with js in the Extenions option. It also will have set the OutputFile to onescript.js as well.

Building the OneScript project via CLI.

php vendor/bin/nether-onescript build www/share/mylib/onescript.json

Assuming there are no errors like file permissions or missing files, this will compile your OneScript project down into onescript.js - your potentially final file for distribution.

The build system works like so:

  • Load the Files and bake them into a single file, in the order you specified.
  • Next it will go through each of the Directories looking for files with the extensions listed in Extensions and bake them to the end of the file. It will save that as your OutputFile as the final product.
  • Once Minify support is done, it will then pass that through the minification process to create the OutputMinFile - the minification feature is not yet impelemented.

Building the OneScript project via a live compiler.

Sometimes it is handy, like on your dev server, to have the projects built automaticaly every time you change them. For my example here I would probably create a new file called onescript.js.php in my JS project folder.

$project = Nether\OneScript\Project::FromFile(sprintf(

$project->Print = true;

If you reference this onescript.js.php in your script tag it will be built every time the page is loaded and the files have changed. You won't realy want to commit this to your prodution space.