php framework for building knowledge test for cli and web application

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framework to create a knowledge test as cli and web application

Major goals

The major goals this project should fulfil is to create framework that takes care of the common tasks to create a knowledge test.

The easiest way of using this framework should be to add it to the composer.json and create the question/answere data by exending or implementing a well defined abstract class or interface.

To sum up the goals, this project should:

  • Create a interface for handeling different types of question/answere cases
  • Implement a simple web application to do the knowledge test via a webbrowser
  • Implement a console application to do the knowledge test via command line
  • Create a question/answere case generator to easy up the test case generation


  • [v0.0.1] - [done] - finished Factory directory
  • [v0.0.2] - [done] - finished TestCase directory
  • [v0.0.3] - [todo] - finished Command directory
  • [v0.0.4] - [todo] - finished CliApplication
  • [v0.0.5] - [todo] - finished example directory
  • [v0.0.6] - [todo] - unittests
  • [v0.1.0] - [todo] - example suite is working on cli
  • [v0.2.0] - [todo] - testcase generator is working
  • [v0.1.1] - [todo] - finished Configuration directory
  • [v1.0.0] - [todo] - stable TestCase Interface
  • [v1.9.1] - [todo] - finished Layout directory
  • [v1.9.2] - [todo] - finished View directory
  • [v1.9.3] - [todo] - finished Controller directory
  • [v1.9.4] - [todo] - finished WebApplication
  • [v2.0.0] - [todo] - example suite is working on web application
  • [v3.0.0] - [todo] - full and easy customize web application