Twig extension providing social share links

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Twig extension providing social sharing links


Using this library instead of widgets provided by social platforms will allow you to get rid of:

  • JavaScript execution timing issues
  • Appearance constraints
  • Abusive user tracking


composer require neemzy/share-extension


This library uses PHP SocialShare internally, and allows you to generate a sharing link and retrieve a share count for any of the providers it supports (see the list).

You can also generate the contents for a onclick handler to make your sharing link a popup on JavaScript-capable browsers, which will use each provider's ideal popup size if available. The handler relies on the link's href attribute in order to be able to degrade gracefully, so be sure to use it in conjunction with the URL generation.

Provider-specific parameters (e.g. tweet contents for Twitter) are supported: see the list.

use Neemzy\Twig\Extension\Share\ShareExtension;

// You can get a ready-to-use instance...
$shareExtension = ShareExtension::getInstance();

// ...or instantiate it yourself
$shareExtension = new ShareExtension($phpSocialShareInstance);

<a href="{{ share_url_facebook(my_url) }}">Share on Facebook</a>
<a href="{{ share_url_twitter(my_url, { 'text': 'Some text' }) }}">Share on Twitter with some text</a>
<a href="{{ share_url_google(my_url) }}" onclick="{{ share_click_google() }}">Share on Google+ in a popup</a>
<div>Shared on Pinterest {{ share_count_pinterest(my_url) }} times.</div>