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RedBean ORM service provider for Silex micro-framework

dev-master 2015-05-01 12:44 UTC

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Last update: 2024-05-26 15:16:07 UTC


RedBean ORM service provider for Silex micro-framework


use Neemzy\Silex\Provider\RedBean\ServiceProvider as RedBeanServiceProvider;

$app = new Silex\Application();

    new RedBeanServiceProvider(),
        'redbean.database' => $database,
        'redbean.username' => $username,
        'redbean.password' => $password,
        'redbean.namespace' => $namespace // optional

// RedBean is now available as an instance in $app['redbean']



As of now, this project is mainly a dumb wrapper which aims to make RedBean available as an instance rather than a static class (which can come in handy for testing purposes). All calls to this instance are identically redispatched to the actual RedBean. It also eases access to the app instance within your models (see below). Feel free to contribute to this project if you have any idea to make it better !


The provider ships with a Model class which extends RedBean_SimpleModel, which you can inherit from instead of the latter. Doing so makes the provider box() every requested bean and bind the app to the resulting model instance. This means two things :

  • You are now able to access your Silex app from inside your models' classes, by requesting $this->app
  • Calling any method that previously returned an instance of RedBean_OODBBean now directly returns a proper model instance

If you specified the redbean.namespace parameter, your models' class namespace will also be set up without having to declare a REDBEAN_MODEL_PREFIX constant. Otherwise, model classes will not have any prefix (not even the default Model_).