Nebulas sdk implemented with PHP

0.0.2 2018-06-11 12:49 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2020-02-12 17:59:47 UTC


neb.php is the Nebulas compatible PHP API. Users can sign/send transactions and deploy/call smart contract with it.


neb.php requires the following:


You can install this library via Composer:

composer require nebulas/neb.php

Or add this in your composer.json:

"require": {
    "nebulas/neb.php": "0.0.2"

And also you can clone this repo or download it as zip file. Then don't forget to run composer install under the project root to have the dependencies installed.


please refer to examples to learn how to use neb.php.


use Nebulas\Core\Account;

$account = Account::newAccount();
//$account = new Account();     //This is the same as above
$addr = $account->getAddressString(); //such as "n1HUbJZ45Ra5jrRqWvfVaRMiBMB3CACGhqc"  
$keyStore = $account->toKey();  //Please save your keyStore(json) in to file and keep it safe


use Nebulas\Rpc\HttpProvider;
use Nebulas\Rpc\Neb;

$neb = new Neb(new HttpProvider(""));

$api = $neb->api;
echo $api->getAccountState("n1H2Yb5Q6ZfKvs61htVSV4b1U2gr2GA9vo6"), PHP_EOL;;
echo $api->getTransactionReceipt("8b98a5e4a27d2744a6295fe71e4f138d3e423ced11c81e201c12ac8379226ad1"), PHP_EOL;


use Nebulas\Rpc\Neb;
use Nebulas\Rpc\HttpProvider;
use Nebulas\Core\Account;
use Nebulas\Core\Transaction;
use Nebulas\Core\TransactionBinaryPayload;
use Nebulas\Core\TransactionCallPayload;

$neb = new Neb();
$neb->setProvider(new HttpProvider(""));

$keyJson = '{"version":4,"id":"814745d0-9200-42bd-a4df-557b2d7e1d8b","address":"n1H2Yb5Q6ZfKvs61htVSV4b1U2gr2GA9vo6","crypto":{"ciphertext":"fb831107ce71ed9064fca0de8d514d7b2ba0aa03aa4fa6302d09fdfdfad23a18","cipherparams":{"iv":"fb65caf32f4dbb2593e36b02c07b8484"},"cipher":"aes-128-ctr","kdf":"scrypt","kdfparams":{"dklen":32,"salt":"dddc4f9b3e2079b5cc65d82d4f9ecf27da6ec86770cb627a19bc76d094bf9472","n":4096,"r":8,"p":1},"mac":"1a66d8e18d10404440d2762c0d59d0ce9e12a4bbdfc03323736a435a0761ee23","machash":"sha3256"}}';
$password = 'passphrase';

$from = Account:: fromKey($keyJson, $password);

//get nonce value
$resp = $neb->api->getAccountState($fromAddr);
$respObj = json_decode($resp);
$nonce = $respObj->result->nonce;

//make new transaction
$chainId = 1001;
$to = "n1H2Yb5Q6ZfKvs61htVSV4b1U2gr2GA9vo6";
$tx = new Transaction($chainId, $from, $to, $value = "0", $nonce + 1 );

//send transaction
$result = $neb->api->sendRawTransaction($tx->toProtoString());

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