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Implementation of Apache's Avro PHP library with Composer support, PSR-4 autoloading, namespaces, and type hinted method parameters

0.1.2 2017-01-30 13:18 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2022-06-09 19:34:38 UTC


This is a package based on the Apache AVRO PHP library (v 1.8.1).

The core logic remains the same but I've added Composer support, PSR-4 autoloading, method type-hinting, fixed property accessors with encapsulation where I've found errors (private/public member access), and some other tidy-ups.



$ composer require nealio82/avro-php


Based on the official library's example:


use Avro\DataIO\DataIO;
use Avro\DataIO\DataIOReader;
use Avro\DataIO\DataIOWriter;
use Avro\Datum\IODatumReader;
use Avro\Datum\IODatumWriter;
use Avro\IO\StringIO;
use Avro\Schema\Schema;


$writers_schema_json = <<<_JSON
        {"name":"member_id", "type":"int"},
        {"name":"member_name", "type":"string"}

$jose = array('member_id' => 1392, 'member_name' => 'Jose');
$maria = array('member_id' => 1642, 'member_name' => 'Maria');
$data = array($jose, $maria);

$file_name = 'data.avr';

// Open $file_name for writing, using the given writer's schema
$data_writer = DataIO::open_file($file_name, 'w', $writers_schema_json);
// Write each datum to the file
foreach ($data as $datum) {

// Open $file_name (by default for reading) using the writer's schema
// included in the file
$data_reader = DataIO::open_file($file_name);
echo "from file:\n";
// Read each datum
foreach ($data_reader->data() as $datum) {
    echo var_export($datum, true) . "\n";

$io = new StringIO();

$writers_schema = Schema::parse($writers_schema_json);
$data_writer = new DataIOWriter($io, new IODatumWriter($writers_schema), $writers_schema);

foreach ($data as $datum) {

$binary_string = $io->string();

// Load the string data string
$read_io = new StringIO($binary_string);
$data_reader = new DataIOReader($read_io, new IODatumReader());
echo "from binary string:\n";
foreach ($data_reader->data() as $datum) {
    echo var_export($datum, true) . "\n";