Console command for maintaining worker processes

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Console command for maintaining worker processes.

Symfony Worker Control may be used as standalone script or included as lib to existing project.


  • php5+ | php7+ | hhvm
  • symfony/console 3+ package
  • pgrep & pkill command-line utilities


Installation as lib to existing project:

composer require nayjest/symfony-worker-control

Installation as standalone script:

git clone && cd symfony-worker-control && composer install && chmod +x workers


Code-style (PSR2):

  1. Install code sniffer:

composer global require "squizlabs/php_codesniffer=*"

  1. Run code-style tests from symfony-worker-control folder

composer cs

Worker for tests:



workers [--qty QTY] [-o|--output OUTPUT] [-e|--errors ERRORS] [--] <action> <cmd>

Command may be executed directly (./workers ...) or as argument of php command (php workers ...).

See ./workers --help for help.


start -- start QTY processes

restart -- stop all processes and then start QTY processes

stop -- stop all processes

maintain -- start QTY - N processes, where N — quantity of currently running processes.

count -- print count of running processes

list -- print information about running processes


--qty=<value> — specifies quantity of processes to start/restart/maintain If value isn't specified, DEFAULT_WORKER_QTY environment variable will be used. if DEFAULT_WORKER_QTY isn't defined, qty = 1

--output=<value> -o <value> output file for workers (STDOUT + STDERR if --errors not specified), following placeholder: {i} will be replaced to process number. Default value: /dev/null

--errors=<value> -e <value> output file for workers (STDERR), following placeholder: {i} will be replaced to process number.

--quiet -q Do not output any message

Help: ./workers --help


./workers start --qty=2 "php my_process.php"

./workers restart --qty=3 "my_process.php"

php workers maintain --qty=4 "php my_process.php"

php workers stop "php my_process.php"


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