A PHP library for creating automation robots

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A PHP library for creating automation robots

This project was made for fun, feel free to improve it :)

Getting Started: composer

Under your project's folder type: $ composer require nawarian/php-bot dev-master

require_once 'vendor/autoload.php';

Then you are ready to go :D



PHPBot works directly with X11, using xdotool to send commands. Further versions could add support to other devices as well.

Make it independent from xdotool would also be nice, projects like are a great shot! But still excludes MS Windows implementations...

Windows NT

PHPBot now can work with Windows NT platforms too. Is important to notice that: it uses compiled python files that access the User32.dll API. Because of that, some antivirus software might mark the files under ext/pyautogui/bin/dest folder as threads.

Also: the command pipeline funcionality has shown some bugs.


All commands alone returns a React\Promise\Promise

Getting started

You must have a React\EventLoop\LoopInterface object:

$loop = React\EventLoop\Factory::create();

// Our code goes here!



As a command you can think of a interaction command, like a button pressing, mouse moving ou clicking...

Notice that all commands will only run if:

  • The start() method is called
  • Is in a command pipeline

Is important to also notice that command pipelines will start by the moment you create it.

Sending keyboard commands

$dm = PHPBot\DesktopManager\Factory::create($loop);
$dm->keyboard()->type('Soooo cool!')->start()->then(function() {
    // Remember, every command returns a Promise!
    echo 'Just wrote it, dude! ;)';

Sending pointer commands

$dm = PHPBot\DesktopManager\Factory::create($loop);
$dm->pointer()->moveTo(0, 0)->start()->then(function() {
    // Remember, every command returns a Promise!
    echo 'Guess where your mouse pointer is!';

Chaining commands!

$dm = PHPBot\DesktopManager\Factory::create($loop);
    $dm->keyboard()->type('Soooo cool!'),         // 1
    $dm->keyboard()->sendKey(Keys::ENTER()),      // 2
    $dm->pointer()->moveTo(200, 200),             // 3
    $dm->pointer()->click(MouseButtons::LEFT())   // 4
->then(function() {
    // This also returns a Promise, resolved when it all finishes
    echo 'DONE!';

1, 2, 3 and 4 will execute at this exaclty order!

More samples

For more examples, check the examples/ folder out.

Thank you :)