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Extract {%trans%} keys from twig and insert them in your PO file

dev-master 2015-11-09 10:13 UTC

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Last update: 2020-07-23 19:28:23 UTC


Extract translation keys from twig templates and move them to PO


Fork and install (you need composer for that!):

git clone
cd twig-po
composer install

Then, go to folder and execute:

./console find:tags /path/to/twig/templates  /path/to/messages.po Po -d -v -o

Once you see that nothing wrong is going to happen then

./console find:tags /path/to/twig/templates  /path/to/messages.po Po

If you want to use it with other tags, for instance, for your PHP files with _('translation')

./console find:tags /path/to/twig/templates  /path/to/messages.po Po -t "/_\((?: )?['\"]([^$]*)['\"](?: )?\)/muU"

For help:

./console help find:tags

Once you have the PO translated, convert to .mo with your editor or command line:

msgfmt -cv -o messages.po

(Note: you need to have gettext installed for this command)