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PHP MIME Types Guesser and extension mapping.

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1.6.0 2020-01-06 20:43 UTC


PHP MIME Types Guesser and extension mapper.

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built with jshttp/mime-db.

Mime types mapping, the right way.

This library uses jshttp/mime-db as its default mapping which aggregates data from multiple sources and creates a single db.json making it the most complete mapping.


composer require narrowspark/mimetypes


This mime type guesser has support for all OS supported guesser.

    use Narrowspark\MimeType\MimeType;
    // You can register custom guessers by calling the register() method

    return MimeType::guess('image.gif'); // returns image/gif

You looking for the full mime type array? Just use:

    use Narrowspark\MimeType\MimeTypesList;

    return MimeTypesList::MIMES; // returns array

If you like to use the build in php mime type guesser, just use:

    use Narrowspark\MimeType\MimeTypeFileInfoGuesser;
    use Narrowspark\MimeType\MimeTypeFileBinaryGuesser;
    use Narrowspark\MimeType\MimeTypeExtensionGuesser;
    use Narrowspark\MimeType\MimeTypeFileExtensionGuesser;

    // Inspecting the file using finfo and relies on magic db files.
    return MimeTypeFileInfoGuesser::guess('image.gif'); // returns image/gif
    // Inspecting the file using file -b --mime
    return MimeTypeFileBinaryGuesser::guess('image.gif'); // returns image/gif
    // Inspecting the extension using mime type list
    return MimeTypeExtensionGuesser::guess('gif'); // returns image/gif
    // Inspecting the file using mime type list
    return MimeTypeFileExtensionGuesser::guess('image.gif'); // returns image/gif


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The Narrowspark mimetypes is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license