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A composer plugin that prefetch composer packages for a faster download.

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Note This package is part of the Narrowspark automatic.


Use Composer to install this package:

composer global require narrowspark/automatic-composer-prefetcher --dev


The prefetcher will be executed when composer require , composer install or composer update is used, you will experience a speed up of composer package installations.

Narrowspark Automatic Prefetcher supports on skipping legacy package tags.

You have two ways to skip old tags of a package.

The first one is to use the composer.json extra field, add prefetcher inside of this a require key, then you packages with the version you want start skipping.

    "extra": {
        "prefetcher": {
            "require": {
                "symfony/symfony": "4.2.*",
                "next package": "1.*"

And the second one is to use the global env variable

export AUTOMATIC_PREFETCHER_REQUIRE="symfony/symfony:4.2.*[, and you next package]"


This library follows semantic versioning, and additions to the code ruleset are performed in major releases.


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This package is licensed using the MIT License.

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