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Small and simple Event Bus library.

Narrator allows communication between components without requiring the component to explicitly depend on each other.


Using Composer:

$ composer require narrator/narrator

Basic usage

// Simple event object
class UserRegistered {
    private $userId;
    private $userName;
    // ...event data, constructor, getters
// Sample listener
class UserRegisteredListener implements Listener {

    public function handle($event, Meta $meta){
        // send email, update model, etc

// create EventBus which will be responsible for managing events and listeners
$eventBus = new BasicEventBus(new NameBasedResolver(new ClassNameExtractor()));

// create listener instance
$listener = new UserRegisteredListener(...);
// and register it in bus
$eventBus->subscribe(UserRegistered::class, $listener);

// create event
$event = new UserRegistered(...);
// and `emit` it to listeners


To run unit tests use PHPUnit

$ ./vendor/bin/phpunit