This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the typo3fluid/schema-generator package instead.

Generates XSD schemas for packages containing Fluid ViewHelpers

2.1.2 2018-10-01 12:01 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2019-02-20 18:31:22 UTC


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What does it do?

This package is an add-on for Fluid. It can be helpful when writing fluid templates by auto completing view helper arguments.

This package is usually added as an additional composer 'require-dev' dependency to your existing project.

Its main purpose is to generate XSD schemas for (X)HTML files which can be used in editors to enable auto completion of Fluid template code. Can generate schemas for the official as well as any of your own packages which provide ViewHelpers.


composer require --dev typo3/fluid-schema-generator


Let's say there is a Fluid template file in your extension - Resource/Private/Templates/MyTemplate.html that uses view helpers with two different namespaces:


<f:render partial="My/Partial" arguments="{_all}" />
... more HTML and view helper usages


IDE`s usually do not understand the tag "f:render" out of the box and will highlight them as invalid. Generating an xsd schema for this namespace however will make them understand the tag and its possible attributes. The example generates schema for these two namespaces into the root directory of the project:

./bin/generateschema TYPO3\\CMS\\Fluid TYPO3\\CMS\\Backend > mySchema.xsd

This call will search all view helper classes in the given namespaces and creates an according xsd file that contain target namespaces for "f" and "be". An IDE like PhpStorm then typically auto detects this file (if not, ALT+Enter onto the xmlns url in the template above and improt the file) "understands" the tags and allows attribute auto completion.


./vendor/bin/generateschema VendorName\\PackageName VendorName\\OptionalSecondPackage > schema.xsd

Provide as many package namespaces as desired and all ViewHelper classes in all those namespaces will be included in the schame. The first provided namespace gets used when determining the XSD namespace URL.