Drush plugin for Rocketeer

1.3.5 2016-09-09 18:27 UTC

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Last update: 2020-02-21 16:52:45 UTC


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Rocketeer plugin for Drush. Performs various tasks on before-symlink.deploy.


Via Composer

$ rocketeer plugin:install nalipaz/rocketeer-drush


Setup the configuration for your project by running:

rocketeer plugin:config nalipaz/rocketeer-drush

Then edit the produced configuration file to set your project settings.

You also need to add the plugin to the plugins array in .rocketeer/config.php:

  'plugins' => [

And lastly (until this issue for Rocketeer 3.0 gets resolved), you need to edit .rocketeer/remote.php to have 'drush' in the shelled array: 'shelled' => ['drush'],.

Overriding configuration

You can set global configuration for your project as described under usage above. However, in some projects you may wish to override settings per connection, stages, or strategies (most commonly connections). As an example, you could do the following for multiple connections with different configs.

├── local
│   └── remote.php
├── production
│   ├── drush.php
│   ├── remote.php
│   └── scm.php
└── staging
    ├── drush.php
    ├── remote.php
    └── scm.php
└── rocketeers
    └── rocketeer-drush
        └── drush.php

In the above example we are overriding some configuration in both the production and staging connections. drush.php is simply a copy of .rocketeer/plugins/rocketeers/rocketeer-drush/drush.php which has been modified with different settings like a different drush_alias.