Integrates \NajiDev\Common\JavaScriptData\Container in your project in a nice way

1.0.2 2013-03-18 11:39 UTC


This bundle integrates \NajiDev\Common\JavaScriptData\Container into your project in a nice way, for having a bridge to get php variables to javascript. Take a look on the documentation of najidev/common.


Add bundle to composer.json

As composer is the standard way of Symfony to handle libraries and bundles, i'll only show the installation with composer. In your composer.json add following:

"require" : {
	"najidev/javascript-data-bundle" : "@dev"

You should consider taking one of the releases instead of "@dev".

Load the bundle in your Kernel

$bundles = array(
	// your current bundles

	new \NajiDev\JavaScriptDataBundle\NajiDevJavaScriptDataBundle(),


The bundle creates the service


in your DIC, which is an instance of


You just need to grab it by the DIC in your controller and use it:

$this->get('najidev.common.javascriptdata.container')->set('my.key', 'value');

Another way to interact with the data-container is the templating helper:

$view['javascript_data']->set('my.key', 'value');

When it comes to display the data, the helper has another method:

<?php echo $view['javascript_data']->render(); ?>

Just use that simple line in a layout and your data can everywhere be grabbed by the helper.js. Be sure to use the helper.js, when the body was completely rendered. Jquerys ready-event is just perfect for that:

		var value = jsd.get('my.key', 'a default value, which will be returned if such key does not exist');